Agility Images: Files FAQs

How are images offered?

Effective January 1, 2014, only digital files are available except by special request. For events from 2008 or earlier, choose the "screensaver" option for delivery. A full size digital file will be provided.

What are Agility Images' digital files?

Agility Images' digital files are 8-bit jpg files provided at the original senor resolution but with jpg compression applied. The jpg files are typically 1.7 megabytes - 2.4 megabytes in size and delivered by email.

How can I use images?

All images are copyrighted by Agility Images. I have a liberal copyright use policy. If you are using the image primarily so that the world can enjoy it (e.g., by putting an image on the web on your site, a breeder's site, or a dog sports or rescue site, or submitting an image to a calendar or to a magazine for a non-profit purpose), then please simply request permission and please credit the image; such requests have never been denied. If you wish to use the image for commercial purposes (e.g., to resell the image or to promote a product), please contact me so that we can determine a fair-use agreement.

How and when are orders shipped?

Orders are often but not always completed within two weeks; please contact me immediately if you feel concerned about the status of your order.

How is satisfaction guaranteed?

If you do not like the image or are dissatisfied for other reasons, or if you order the wrong image, I will re-do it, replace it with another image, or refund your money.